Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crazy, Beautiful Life: Christmas is...

Crazy, Beautiful Life: Christmas is...: Christmas is a time for giving, spending time with those you love, sharing your memories, creating new ones etc... I could go on and on. Wi...

Christmas is...

Christmas is a time for giving, spending time with those you love, sharing your memories, creating new ones etc... I could go on and on.
With all the hype we put on Christmas and all the plays and parties, I thought I would talk to Aja about Christmas.....

 I was having a conversation with Aja about what she wanted for Christmas. I asked her what she thought Christmas was. She said in her little 6 year old voice, so sincerley... its a day where we get lots of presents. I kind of chuckled a little bit to myself and then politely explained in a way that she would understand what Christmas is really about and that its not for getting presents. She says she understands and hopefully she remembers that in the years to come as she continues to want more and more....

Once I was done talking to her I really started thinking. We are so lucky as a human race to be able to share the love and knowledge we have about Jesus and and how he died for us. We are lucky to be able to afford nice things for our children so that they can have a "meaningful" christmas.
Meaningful SHOULD mean the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.
 As adults I feel thats what it is.. as kids growing up you understnad that year by year.
Its not always about how many gifts you get or how much you spent on that...

I am truly thankful that I have a chance at life to experience all that life has instore for me. I am blessed with 3 beautiful girls and a wonderful husband who loves me no matter my faults. I wouldnt be able to "afford" this if it werent for the REAL REASON why we celebrate Christamas.

HE gave us this job so that we can AFFORD this.. HE gave us this life so that we can AFFORD happiness... HE is the real reason.. HE is the real deal.. HE is amazing, HE is forgiving, HE is our provider, HE is here, HE is the best thing that has ever happend to us. HE is CHRISTmas!

Thank you for always providing, loving us, forgiving us, helping us, listening.... without you we would be nothing. Without you we would have nothing... Without you we would have no Christmas and would not be able to spend this wonderful holiday with our loved ones. Without you there would be no us!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am torn with the descion.... do I quit my job that I hate more than anything OR do I continue to work at and be miserable just so we can have the extra money.

I took this job over a year ago and loved it. I worked for a friend of mine at the time and we got along and I enjoyed going to work. I struggled with work in the last months of my pregnancy and she was very compliant with me. I came back from maternity leave and she went on leave a few months later. While off she put me in charge... and she decided shes not coming back.:( I didnt think at the time that would be a big deal but NOW it is!

I switched my hours from being there 4 days a week 4-5 hour shifts to 10  hour days but 2 times a week. With doing this I have weekends off and one extra free day during the week to spend with Justin and my kids... and do hair. Its very nice and I love having the weekends off but I cant stand the thought of going into that place to work. We have a new manager and she has changed things drastically.. she is not a nice person... cant trust people that work there with anything... the owner really doesnt care to know whats happening in her store.

Going to work was supposed to be my  get away from having 3 kids and my chance to be my own person away from being mom.  Its not fun anymore. We have gotten very used to having the extra money to do whatever we want with. If I quit, we obviousy wont have that and I dont know if I could be a "stay at home mom". Wherever I go I would hope they are able to work with my schedule so I continue not to have to worry about daycare.

There is so many things to worry about when you become an adult and have children... sometimes I just want to be a kid again!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty has graced us with her presence since halloween. Olivia puts the dress on with the crown every morning when she wakes up and wears it throughout the day. Sometimes I let her wear it out if we are just going to the corner store. Usually it comes off when its time to eat dinner or when she is heading to bed.

    She woke up before I did this morning and came upstairs to wake me up. Crying, sad and broken hearted. "Mommy my cwown (crown) broke". She was devastated. It was not a good way to start out a day for a 3 year old. Hopefully daddy can come to the rescue with his ol' standby of super glue to fix it so we can go on with life and not have to worry about her being upset.

    Olivia is the middle child. I dont think she has the "middle child" syndrome. She is so loving and caring. She always tell me "your my friend". Her baby sister Tenley is her friend. She loves everyone and is willing to talk to anybody. She loves giving hugs and cuddling. I am in love with my middle child! She makes me so happy and can always turn a bad moment into a funny one. She always has a funny face or does something funny or even says something that cracks me up.

     I hope she contiues to be loving and caring even as she gets older. If this is what the "middle child" syndrome is like... then I love it!! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Time

I feel so weird! I am jumping into the technology based part of life by doing a blog. I am going to try and update this as much as I can. I have a feeling I will forget. :)
I am using this as an outlet.  I have so many things going on in my life that I sometimes I need to share with people or just have a spot where I can let off my chest. I feel this is a place where noone will judge me (at least not my face) and where I can be open and honest and not have to worry about what everyone is feeling,thinking or saying.
This blog will be exciting yet depressing. My life has its share of ups and downs!
I look forward to letting you into my life to see what we are really like as a family and how we keep it together.